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Chicken Coops / Rabbit Hutches Gallery

With the cost of food on the rise people are rediscovering the joy of keeping Chickens. Every day more towns and cities are allowing residents to house a couple of hens. It's the Roosters that wake up the neighborhood. Much more than pets, Chickens fed organic feed will provide fresh eggs every day as an inexpensive source of organic protein. We have various styles, paint and shingle colours to make the coop your own or match it to your home. The three smaller Coops can be easily converted into a Rabbit Hutch with the addition of a wire floor. --Hover your mouse over an image to see more info on the left--
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Gambrel Barn Coop Gambrel Barn Coop - back door Gambrel Barn Coop - Open Colonial Gable Coop
Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes Teviotdale Coop Minto Coop Corn Row Coop
Colonial Gable Run 4x4ft Gambrel Barn Run 4x4ft Classic Gambrel on Wheels
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